Thursday, May 6, 2010


That was the craziest market session that I've ever experienced. I traded earlier in the session and was about to short, but decided to wait for some more confirmation. The market then fell off a cliff. I calculated that if I had taken that short (and executed everything perfectly), I could have made a year's worth of income in a couple of minutes.

I'm actually kind of glad I wasn't part of the insanity. It looks like folks on both sides took a pretty good pounding. My order matrix looked like it had accelerated 100 times. Crazy times.

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jt said...

seems like the site is slowly dying and will close soon. Incredible loss since you have really been much more creative than you even realize. Some of your screens and ideas were simply top notch. But i guess Mr "afraid to trade"(thats why he teaches i guess) will compensate you for that. Anyway thanks Scott for all the work and ideas you gave me over the years. All of the best.